Examples of how the FSB has helped small business’s like yours…

A Sporting Equipment business & FSB member rented their business premises and had issues with a leaking roof and heavy condensation that was causing damage to stock and their own electrical and IT equipment. The landlord was uncooperative and refused to make any substantial repairs to overcome the problems. The Legal Advice Line advised the business owner on how a solution could be found and the case was resolved without a court hearing.

Breach of a repairing covenant… The insured was a landlord of several units on a business park. One tenant used their unit as a bathroom show room, factory and they had an office. They installed extra partitions and made other alterations on agreement that at the end of the lease, the property would be put back in the same order as at the date the tenancy commenced.
The tenant decided not to renew the lease and left for alternative premises. The tenant merely left, leaving the unit unfit for any other tenant and in a state of disrepair. The lease also imposed a repairing obligation on the tenant. The insured landlord sued for dilapidations.  The member made a claim under the Legal Protection Insurance for legal representation and the solicitor provided resolved the matter at a court hearing. The costs of £19K were, of course, covered by the Legal Protection Insurance.