Customer Spotlight: Nurturing By Nature

Fridge Temperature Tracking

Nurturing By Nature provides the very best Raw Pet Food diet for cats & dogs, for owners who reject mass produced commercial pet food for their pets. A family business that manage the whole product lifecycle from manufacture, distribution through to retail.

The Challenge & Pitfalls of The Current Set-up

Nurturing By Nature need to know the temperature of their fridges at each stage of production and delivery.

  • To date, they've relied on manual processes that involve physical checks throughout the day, even to the extent that someone has to go in on Christmas day!
  • This results in loss of family time outside business hours, and should a fridge failure happen overnight due to a power cut or mechanical failure, this costs the business thousands of pounds in spoilt stock, as by the time the fault is discovered it's too late
  • Compliance records were a manual log needing to be constantly updated


Our Solution

We were able to devise a simple temperature tracking solution using Digital Matter hardware that was quick and easy to deploy.

  • The Digital Matter Remora 2 & Guppy solution is a tiny, lightweight and ultra-rugged battery-powered Bluetooth® tag with up to 5 years of battery life for affordable indoor and outdoor asset monitoring

  • When integrated with our own SaaS based Foretrack Connect platform, these devices offer powerful data and insights delivered in a completely bespoke way
  • This solution gave the family everything they needed to overcome their challenges:
    • An automated historical log of temperature data
    • Alerts for increased/decreased temperatures within the acceptable tolerance levels
    • Remote monitoring capabilities, saving the family performing disruptive out of hours site checks
    • Gateways in all locations read the temperatures on all fridges from the manufacturing plant through to the retail environment
    • All the historical and real-time data is integrated into a dashboard
    • The solution saves the business time, money and gives them peace of mind

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