We work with a range of BIDs in the UK and specialise in supplying exactly the type of equipment they need for events all year round.

BIDs hold a unique place within the business community and often look after a tremendous amount of varied responsibilities and activities. We have worked extensively across the UK to provide each BID with their bespoke two-way radio requirement.

Bath BID Company is now in its second term and is accelerating its three core activities. These are Managing and Saving, Welcoming and Promoting and Developing and Innovating for the City and its levy payers. Bath now has over 700 Businesses paying into the BID and has engagement with many others in the wider community. The businesses see the benefit of the Bath BID within the community and the aim is to ensure everyone extracts value from it.

Bath BID develops and innovates partly by using technology to its best possible performance. Bath BID recently engaged with us to review their communication ned for the nigh time economy. We have been designing and providing technology solutions since 1979 in the formats of radio systems, vehicle, people and lone worker tracking, PA systems, vehicle CCTV and business mobile phones.


Bath BID required a solution that enabled the night time economy to communicate, prevent and respond to incidents, but most of all keep the vibrant night time economy safe and successful. Bath BID has deployed marshals on the street to support the retailers and the public. These night marshals needed good reliable communications with the authorities, the retailers and each other. In the unlikely case that an incident wasn’t prevented, communications needed to be recorded for reporting and training purposes.


Foresolutions, with its partner Motorola, designed a multi- channel dual redundant system that covered Bath and the surrounding areas, both outside and inside the local outlets. This system was integrated into the local CCTV control, giving them much improved communications. With the addition of TRBOnet software, this enabled every communication to be recorded and played back, rogue radios to be switched off remotely, GPS locations provided, panic buttons installed

and easy control of the system. Engagement on the scheme is a high priority and making sure everyone is using their radio is key. Bath BID is able to run reports to see usage and engagement and address this accordingly. The system is designed to run 365 days per year and has the capability for event channels and radio hire to be offered to visiting event organisers, resulting in extra revenue for the town.

Results and Outcome

The result of the Digital radio system can be witnessed throughout Bath’s night time economy, giving clear and reliable communications to all stake holders. This ensures the levy payers and the public are fully supported and gives CCTV ears on the ground, which is critical if there is an incident.

Tom Ross, MD from Foresolutions says;

“Bath is a wonderful place to be. The team at the BID really do innovate and strive for quality. The radio system they have implemented supports all of their objectives and is used in such a way it really makes a difference to the Town”.

Louise Prynn, CEO of Bath BID says;

“The team at Foresolutions supply a collaborative and joined up approach and work as part of our team.
The technology works well and returns great value for our levy payers. It is supported well which supports us in achieving our objectives”.

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In Partnership

As a radio partner with Foresolutions, if you recommend our services to the businesses within your district you can benefit from cash back.

For more details on our reward scheme get in touch with Tom Ross today, tom.ross@foresolutions.co.uk

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