2020 has thrown some unique challenges, yet also really pushed innovation and flexibility in doing things differently. It has become key for businesses to streamline systems and process, manage compliance and the monitoring of things that are important. Cold chain monitoring has never been so key, and recently the demand has really increased.

Just today we have an order of 500 connected devices ready to despatch to monitor temperatures of fridges and freezers! We have confirmed 1000’s more for next year which demonstartes that the growth in IoT and connected devices is expediential.

Cold chain management isn’t just temperature of fridges or freezers on vehicles, there are so many more applications from digital compliance and log books of static devices, monitoring temperatures of live vaccines (such as the recent COVID-19 vaccines that have to be kept at -70 degrees), making sure air quality is what it should be and keeping people safe.

Today there are many devices on the market to suit different kinds of applications which can all be monitored through a robust IoT platform. In this article we’re going to run through some of the main products available that can manage cold chain logistics and the key features of the technology, how they work plus some tips on which ones to choose to suit your specific requirements.

Battery powered IP Rated Device with External Power

Proper monitoring is vital in ensuring the safe shipment of medical and perishable goods. But temperature control is one of the most challenging areas of supply logistics. Several devices combine temperature monitoring and GPS tracking. Wifi tracking, Bluetooth tracking to ensure critical assets are always accounted for and kept at safe temperatures during transport and when they are being stored before deployment.

Designed specifically to support refrigerated transport logistics, this device features inputs/outputs, I²C Sensor Interface, GPS and WiFi positioning for indoor and outdoor asset tracking and cold chain monitoring applications. Battery power and external power give you real flexibility in how this is used.

battery powered portable tracker

As well as its portability, this device also offers two different battery types which allows for more extreme temperatures. This is perfect for refrigerated transport, as the cold temperatures may result in sub-optimal performance from other battery types. This is a truly feature rich flexible device:

  • GPS + WiFi Tracking enabling tracking both out and indoors
  • Multiple Inputs and Outputs – I²C Sensor Interface
  • Can be connected to mutlip sensors and temp probes.
  • 2 x Digital Inputs
  • Which can be used to monitor doors opening and closing

Gateways & Sensors

Hard wired into vehicle cabins or buildings, a gateway can control a whole selection of sensors as well as deliver all the usual benefits that you would require from a tracking device:

  • RFID Driver ID option for driver management and behaviour monitoring
  • ​ODO/Run hour monitoring
  • Over-speed alerts, harsh accident and rollover detection and alerting
  • Multiple inputs to monitor seatbelt usage, 4WD engaged, etc.
  • Outputs to wire in buzzers for driver feedback, or to be used to immobilize the vehicle
  • Optional Iridium Satellite fallback to track vehicles in low cellular coverage areas

Bluetooth is becoming more popular, and onboard most gateway devices is a Bluetooth module can be paired with many sensors to track temperature and other metrics wirelessly. These low power sensors can be cost effective, small and have a battery life of up to 7 years which makes them a great solution, especially for sites.

bluetooth gateway

Which device and system is right for my needs?


There are some considerations when deciding which solution is right for your needs. Here are a few facts to help you narrow the field:

  • Live location tracking needs a stand-alone tracking unit with GPS/WiFi for tracking, along with a cellular modem to transmit its data.
  • Bluetooth® has no onboard location capability and can only communicate via Bluetooth Gateway so is best in fixed locations
  • If your assets will be moving to multiple locations then then a battery powered, portable device is the right choice

We can of course work with you to determine the best solution and get you up and running quickly.

Our 4 promises:

  1. Super-quick setup - Guaranteed installation within 5 days
  2. Money-back guarantee - 100% satisfaction, or your fee refunded
  3. Cast-iron warranty - Lifetime warranty available on your hardware
  4. Flexible contracts - Designed to fit your specific needs