Empower Energy, headquartered in Ringwood, Hampshire, stands as a pioneering force in the renewable energy sector.

Client Overview

Specialising in solar design and installation, Empower Energy has championed green energy solutions for both commercial and domestic clients. With a mission to combat climate change through solar power, the company has established itself as a leader in the industry, installing thousands of systems nationwide, including battery storage and electric vehicle (EV) charge points.


Empower were keen to increase their fleet monitoring with real time location insights to help make informed decisions about resources and streamline their processes to get engineers to customers faster.

Specific Needs:

  • Real-time insights into fleet performance and location to improve efficiency.
  • Efficient job allocation system for improved resource utilisation
  • Enhanced overall service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our Solution

Foresolutions supported Empower to deploy 20 advanced telematics vehicle camera systems, including dual cameras across their fleet.

The devices were seamlessly integrated with Foresolution’s own software, Foretrack Connect featuring multi-work SIMs and storage. 6 user profiles were established with pre-built reports to maximise on analytics and reporting ability.

Driver dashcam inside vehicle

Foresolutions Hero Dashcam

Our Hero Dashcam is a cost-effective all-in one Dashcam, it with compact design, good positioning and rich interfaces made it perfect selection to be used for Empowers commercial vehicles.

  • All-in-one design, easy for installation and maintenance
  • Wide angle 1080p Forward and Driver facing video recording and streaming

Having the Hero Dashcams installed across the fleet of Vehicles also helped to:

  • Lower the company’s vehicle insurance
  • Improve driver performance 
  • Improve driving behaviour

Features & Benefits

With the new on screen location tracking of the fleet and utilisation of resources reported in realtime allows the Empower team to locate the closest engineer to the customer. Before implementing our solutions, the team were relying on calling the customer service line in order to locate someone nearby, now they can simply use a postcode search function within Foretrack connect to quickly locate the nearest help.This led to an overall improvement of resource efficiency by more than 10%.

The camera devices installed have protected the empower team members, customers and members of the public by acting as effective evidence capture, perfect for settling disputes.

  • Real-time data insights for informed decision-making
  • Optimised fleet utilisation, resulting in a 20% improvement in resource efficiency
  • Efficient job allocation leading to improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced customer service metrics and satisfaction.

Foretrack Connect

Our Foretrack Connect solution enabled Empower to proactively track their drivers and locate the nearest engineer to any issues that are reported to their customer services team.

The Foretrack system uses GPS satellite tracking and GPRS mobile phone technology to relay information live to a website. This allows the management team to see the exact location of each vehicle.


Impact on Day-to-Day Operations:

The Foresolutions’ solution revolutionised Empower Energy’s day-to-day operations by providing:

  • Real-time visibility into fleet performance and location
  • Streamlined job allocation processes, saving more than 10% in resource efficiency
  • Enhanced overall service efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Advanced safety measures through telematics and camera systems, protecting the team, customers, and the public

Future Focus and Social Impact:

Empower Energy remains committed to ongoing optimisation with Foresolutions. Their focus over the next 6-12 months includes:

  • Further integration of telematics data into various business processes
  • Expansion of the system to additional sites and divisions
  • Leveraging telematics for driver reports, scoring, and training to achieve a 20% saving.


“The delivery and service from the Foresolutions team has truly been world-class. Nothing is ever a problem, and every issue is sorted out at the point of contact. The technology has already boosted our efficiency by over 10%, significantly lowered our insurance premiums, and helped us substantiate a no-claims incident. We are thrilled to continue implementing this solution, and the regular introduction of new features and updates keeps us excited about the possibilities.”

Sam, Empower Energy



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