Cobalt Ground Solutions provides a full spectrum of ground handling solutions for airlines seeking high quality ground services at London Heathrow Airport. 

Client Overview

Cobalt puts ultimate focus and consistency in safe, on time departures, while integrating all aspects of ground handling to deliver a professional and efficient service to their airline clients and their passengers. The business has a team of around 800 staff, and has a vast amount of expertise in ground services at London Heathrow Terminals 2, 3 and 4, where they have been operating since 1996, with airline self-handling experience before that.

We first worked together when Cobalt were looking for an upgraded radio solution in 2022, Foresolutions Ltd was originally invited to provide a proposal for a new communications solution.

Their Existing Communication Solution

  • Traditional users of analogue trunked radio
  • MPT1327 system provided by a previous radio supplier

Objectives Moving Forwards

Cobalt were keen to step away from traditional radio but use a robust and mission critical system that was modern and not reliant on purely voice communications.

  • They had a need to take pictures of aircraft on arrival and departure as a KPI in their new contract with a major airline
  • They wanted the ability to have a device that would be able to use applications that they may like to use in the future
  • They needed the device to be able to withstand the very harsh environment of the Ramp at LHR

Our Approach

The new solution replaces Cobalt’s old two way radio set-up with a more reliable, efficient network of PoC devices that had the software that support their needs to take images of aircrafts.

The Hardware

The devices of choice were the Sonim XP8 - a ruggedised smart phone that’s build to last. Serving, protecting and providing for others demands a smart device you can rely on, and the Sonim XP8 is ultra-reliable regardless of situation or environment. This is a web-based form that logs user, location, terminal & stand number, flight number and comment. It also enables the user to take pictures and upload them with the above information.

The Software

Zebra Work Force Connect (WFC) was selected from a number of cellular push to talk providers as it offers a robust and resilient platform that will work in the mission critical environment at LHR. Also, Zebra and Sonim have worked closely together to make sure that the hardware and software are compatible.

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Audit & Evidence Capture With Forecompliance

Following this successful PoC radio deployment, in 2023 it became apparent that our capabilities as a multi-faceted technology and innovation partner offered a much larger opportunity for Cobalt to improve safety, compliance governance and airside operational efficiency.

Cobalt was keen to upgrade its current communications infrastructure to a provider who could offer them a wider capability as a true systems integrator.

  • Improve efficiencies
  • Save time
  • Reduce costs
  • Provide an accountable compliance structure


  • New Key Customer Requirements:

    • Robust communications
    • A system not reliant purely on voice
    • Compliance standard evidence capture for aircraft service and turnaround procedures
    • Asset tracking for more efficient operations
    • Vehicle cameras for improved safety & accountability

Aircraft Checks with Forecompliance

To meet Cobalt’s requirement to provide user and time stamped evidence capture of all the processes taking place to enable arrival and departure, we developed Forecompliance.

This is a web-based app that logs user, location, terminal & stand number, flight number and comments.

It also enables the user to take pictures and upload them with the above information.


Mobile App Based Audit Template & Full Dashboard

Find out more 
  • Forecompliance app installed on user's mobile device.
  • User, location and time information populates automatically, mitigating risk of incorrectly logged data.
  • Type of audit, terminal & stand categories are pre-programmed for your airport.
  • Photographic evidence of aircraft/asset status and condition are captured from the mobile device. The user can then add a comment.
  • Upon submission, the audit report is filed and time stamped against that user ID.
  • User access is set for ground staff and supervisors/managers for various levels of audit access and visibility.
  • See all audits at a glance, filter by date, airline, terminal, audit type and much more
  • Fully exportable as an Excel, CSV or PDF file.




Asset Tracking with Foretrack Connect:

Cobalt also opted to install trackers in their airside assets to enable them to benefit from better operational efficiency. The motorised vehicles have also been fitted with cameras to enable enhanced safety and accountability for drivers and all airside personnel.

asset utilisation screen-2

  • Ground staff can find the kit they need quickly and easily
  • Easily check if kit is being stored/returned to the correct location at the end of a job
  • End of shift/day – check if the kit is on charge so it’s serviceable 
  • Everything is categorised so you can quickly see how many of each asset are accessible
  • User is in control, real-time visibility in the app via desktop or mobile
  • Driver safety: decrease the risk of incident and subsequent investigation
  • Damage records – provides clarity of no-fault or culpability
  • Training opportunities using real footage of the working environment

Motorised Vehicle Camera Solutions

The addition of vehicle cameras has added another layer of visibility, control and accountability to Cobalt’s entire airside operation. This and every other aspect of our fully integrated aviation solution is easily accessible and manageable from each user’s hand-held device.

  • Video, tracking and telematics solution.
  • Cloud based portal with up to 4 live camera streams.
  • Geofencing to help locate and control motorised vehicle deployments and monitor movements.
  • Improved safety, evidence capturing, training material and accountability for operators.

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“We chose Foresolutions as our new communications and tracking provider, as they have a solid background in Aviation expertise and a wide scope of device-agnostic options. Initially we needed an upgraded communication system to replace our existing two way radios which were often patchy and unreliable.

As a true systems integrator, their proposed solution of a new PoC radio set up that was not solely reliant on voice, opened up so many more opportunities to create a multi-functional set up that also met our requirements to have a robust, digital audit trail solution for logging the movements around the aircraft.

Now all our work is documented with live images that have a user and time stamp that protect us from any potential unfair damage claims. We’ve gone on to commission a new camera tracking project for our critical airside vehicles to improve safety and operational efficiency. All our assets now have live location tracking so all employees can find and use the nearest one, supervisors can accurately monitor utilisation. The team at Foresolutions have been knowledgeable, flexible and responsive to our needs. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking to take the next step in their tech journey.”

Ben Cordingley, Head of Operations, Cobalt


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